The George Washington Institute of Public Policy (GWIPP) serves as a university-wide nexus for faculty and graduate students engaging in research on important public policy issues. We also play a unique dual role among policy research institutes in the United States.

Our team of research faculty engage in funded research on a variety of domestic issues. Current areas of emphasis include state and local fiscal policy, urban and regional economic development, active living research, the role of federal statistics in monitoring U.S. economic activity, housing policy, the economics of retirement, workforce development in the 21st century, and social welfare policy.


Research Support

We also play a crucial role as a coordinator and supporter of public policy research across the university.  GWIPP assists university faculty in preparing research proposals and budgets as well as managing funded public policy projects.

GWIPP sponsors the Shapiro Policy Research Scholars Program, which provides support for faculty scholars writing research proposals through a competitive process.

We employ numerous graduate students from across the campus and sponsor a series of events, including public policy research methods workshops, and other talks and conferences.