Learn & Work Ecosystem Library

September 1, 2022

Led by Holly Zanville assisted by the communications firm, Weathers Strategy Group, the Learn & Work Ecosystem Library is an initiative to make learn-and-work ecosystem information easier to find, use, and maximize for diverse stakeholders. The Library will inform users about the U.S. learn-and-work ecosystem with three types of content: (1) Knowledge about key components and sub-components in the ecosystem, including links to other websites and other referrals for further information. (2) Key projects working in these areas, to improve aspects of the ecosystem. (3) Networks/alliances focused on various of those components. The Library is a key component of the Credential As You Go which is establishing an evidence-based scale-up of incremental credentialing to support structural transformation of the U.S. legacy degree system that no longer adequately serves the needs of learners and employers, while promoting a national campaign to message the need for redesign of the postsecondary system and build a website to support the work. The Library will be a critical component of improving how education and industries work together and credential individuals. The Credential As You Go National Advisory Board (125+ members) and a Library Advisory Board (established Fall 2021) are helping to ensure that the Library's design and contents will be useful to audiences, expand the library partnership, and develop sustainability plans. Core seed funding through an anonymous donor fund to the GW-PSCWP supports the Library's prototype development. The U.S. Department of Education's IES grant to SUNY Empire State College for Credential as You GO also helps support the Library's development.