Policy Research Areas

Our projects cover a variety of topics and fall broadly into the following research areas:

  • Fiscal & Economics: These projects focus on topics related to federal and state economic affairs, such as property tax and development. 

  • InstitutionalThese projects explore the interplay between political institutions and policy.

  • InternationalThese projects focus on topics related to international and comparative research.

  • SocialThese projects focus on topics related to issues affecting human welfare such as education, health care access, race and inequality, and poverty.

  • SustainabilityThese projects focus on topics related to development policies that affect the resources and evironmental quality available to future generations.

  • UrbanThese projects focus on topics related to metropolitan areas such as crime, governance, transportation, sprawl, and urban economics.

  • Washington AreaThese projects focus on topics directly related to the District of Columbia and the Washington metropolitan area.

  • Workforce DevelopmentThese projects focus on topics related to the improvement of federal workforce and education data offerings, federal student loan policies, and the nation's labor market credentialing system.

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