Past Cohorts

Past Policy Research Scholars have worked on a wide range of policy related issues, as indicated by the winning topics from past cohorts.


Past Scholar Cohorts

COHORT 14: 2014-2015

Brandon Bartels
Political Science [CCAS]
Supreme Court Policymaking, Ideological Disagreement, and Public Perceptions of Judicial Legitimacy and Democracy

Stephanie Cellini
Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration [CCAS]
Employment, Public Finance, and the Rapid Expansion of For-Profit Colleges

Dylan Conger
Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration [CCAS]
Employer Perceptions of Online Degrees in the United States

Danny Hayes
Political Science [CCAS]
Foreign Voices, the Media, and U.S. Public Opinion about Climate Change

David Karpf
School of Media & Public Affairs [CCAS]
Analytics-Based Advocacy: The Use of Algorithmic Participatory Platforms in American Policymaking

Timothy Moore
Economics [CCAS]
The Effect of Retirement on Health

Amit Ronen
GW Solar Institute [CCAS]
Mapping the Capital’s Rooftops: Can DC Realize its Ambitious Solar Energy Requirements?

Elizabeth Saunders
Political Science [CCAS]
The Politics of US Foreign Policy: How Presidents Manage Elite Competition

Ekundayo Shittu
Engineering Management & Systems Engineering [SEAS]
Policy Design for Renewable Energy Credits: Equilibrium vs. Optimality

COHORT 13: 2013-2014

Celeste Arrington
Political Science (ESIA)
Litigation and Policy-making in South Korea and Japan

Christopher Carrigan
Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration (CCAS)
From Statute to Enforcement: Analyzing the Lifecycle of Regulatory Activity

Lara Cartwright-Smith
Health Policy (SHPHS)
Shields or Swords? Malpractice Limits and Medical Error Reporting under State Law

Evgeny Finkel
Political Science (CCAS)
Does Reform Prevent Rebellion

Jasmine McGinnis Johnson
Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration (CCAS)
As the Sector Turns: Explaining Turnover within Generation Y Nonprofit Employees

Eun-Hee Kim
Strategic Management & Public Policy (GSB)
Where Do Efficiency Gains from Deregulation Come From?

Leigh Alison Phillips
Psychology (CCAS)
Optimizing Behavior-change Interventions: Developing Guidelines for Identifying and Targeting Individuals’ Most Structured Time of Day for Integrating New Habits

Ellen Scully-Russ
Counseling, Human & Organizational Studies (GSEHD)
Workforce Development Policies and Programs Informed by the Perspective of Adults in Career Transition

Caitlin Talmadge
Political Science (ESIA)
War, Peace, and Coups: Does Interstate Conflict Bolster or Harm Regime Stability

James Williams
Educational Leadership (GSEHD)
Staying in School: A Longitudinal Study of Transition, Drop Out, and Retention – Primary to Secondary School in Cambodia

COHORT 12: 2012-2013

Robin Bernstein
Anthropology [CCAS]
Making Room for Change: Tracking Policy Creation and Compliance with New Regulations for Breastfeeding Mothers Employed by Colleges and Universities in the DC Metro Area

Eleanor Brown
Were West Indian Slave Societies More Conducive to the Development of a Property-owning Class of Blacks Than Traditional Theories of Institutional Contributors to Property Acquisition Would Suggest?

Diana Burley
Human and Organizational Learning [GSEHD]
Building a Holistic Cybersecurity Education Framework to Support U.S. Cybersecurity Workforce Development

Henry Farrell
Political Science [ESIA]
Computational Science and Political Theory

Stephen Kaplan
Political Science [ESIA]
Economic Crises and Austerity Politics

Sara Cho Kim
Counseling and Human Development [GSEHD]
Access and Barriers to Mental Health Services for Elderly Asian Americans

Jorge Rivera
Strategic Management and Public Policy [GWSB]
Drivers and Effects of Collaborative Green Technology Innovation

COHORT 11: 2011-2012 

Antwan Jones
Sociology [CCAS]
Childhood Residential Stability and Health: The Role of Neighborhood Resources

Rebecca Katz
Health Policy [SPHHS]
Redesigning Effective Quarantine Regulations in the United States

Scheherazade Rehman
International Business [GWSB]
Policy Co-operation and Institutional Co-ordination for Transatlantic (U.S. - EU) Financial Crisis Policy Management

Elizabeth Rigby
Public Participation, Agency Rulemaking, and the Implementation of Health Care Reform

Joost Santos
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering [SEAS]
Collaborative Disaster Policymaking Across Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource (CI/KR) Sectors

John Sides
Political Science [CCAS]
Identity Regimes in Multiethnic Democracies

Steven Tuch
Sociology [CCAS]
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Residential Preferences in ‘Post-Racial’ America: A Study of Whites, African Americans, and Hispanics

Travis Wright
Educational Research [GSEHD]
Growing Hope: Promoting the Resilience of Maltreated Children in Schools

COHORT 10: 2010-2011 

Steven Balla
Political Science [CCAS]
The Administrative Procedures Project: Rulemaking and Political Attention to Bureaucracy

Brandon Bartels
Political Science [CCAS]
The Constraining Capacity of Law: Legal Doctrine, Ideological Discretion, and Decision Making on the U.S. Supreme Court

Alexander Dent
Anthropology [CCAS]
Piracy and Creativity in Brazil

Charis Kubrin
Sociology [CCAS]
The Collateral Consequences of Immigration Policy

Sharon Lambert
Psychology [CCAS]
Risks and Consequences of Youth Community Violence Exposure

Sharon Jo Lynch
Teacher Preparation and Special Education [GSEHD]
An Exploration of STEM Schools: The Homegrown Promise of Widening the STEM Pipeline and Improving State and National Economies

Robert Phillips
Economics [CCAS]
Up in Smoke: The Political Economy of CO2 Emissions

Liesl Riddle
International Business [GWSB]
Identifying Policy Prescriptions to Facilitate Diaspora Investment: A Longitudinal Study of Diaspora Investors in Sub-Saharan Africa

Roberto Samaniego
Economics [CCAS]
Financing R&D in Times of Crisis

Greg Squires
Sociology [CCAS]
Segregation in Cyberspace: The Influence of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Electronic Rental Housing Market

COHORT 09: 2009-2010

Susan Aaronsen
Associate Research Professor of International Affairs
The Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative

Alasdair Bowie
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Decentralization, Democracy, and Local Governance

Fran Buntman
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Challenging Mass Imprisonment: Policy Continuity and Change from Grassroots to Governance

Jennifer Brinkerhoff
Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration
Diasporas, Indigenous Governance, and Development

Angela Gore
Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Municipal Debt Costs and Governance

Hiromi Ishizawa
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Trajectories of Civic Engagement Among Children of Immigrants

Jennifer Lee
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
The Prince William County Anti-Immigrant Resolution: Effects on Immigrant Health Care Utilization

Cynthia Rohrbeck
Associate Professor of Psychology
Psychological Consequences of Terrorism: The Role of Terrorism Preparedness

Michelle Stock
Assistant Professor of Psychology
The Impact of Racial Discrimination and Masculinity on Health Disparities

Paul Wahlbeck
Professor of Political Science
Shaping Legal Policy: The Role of Information and Persuasion in the Courts

COHORT 08: 2008-2009

Paul Carillo
Assistant Professor of Economics
Information and Real Estate Transactions: The Effects of Pictures and Virtual Tours on Home Sales

Stephanie Cellini
Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration
Understanding For-Profit Colleges: Quality, Choice, and Policy

Ilana Feldman
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs
Life Lived in Relief: Tracing the Palestinian Experience in Humanitarianism

Melissa Goldstein
Associate Research Professor of Health Policy
The Effects of Health Information Technology on Traditional Concepts of Informed Consent

Huynh-Nhu (Mimi) Le
Associate Professor of Psychology 
Prevention and Treatment of Perinatal Depression on Latinas

Chad Rector
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Origins of Federal Unions

Tara Sinclair
Assistant Professor of Economics and International Affairs
Evaluation of Policy Decisions that Involve Forecasts

Chao Wei
Assistant Professor of Economics
Progressive Income Taxation, Investment, and Asset Pricing

Susan Wood
Research Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health
Scientists in Government: An Examination of Their Rights and Responsibilities in Civil Society

COHORT 07: 2007-2008

Maggie Xiaoyang Chen 
Assistant Professor of Economics and International Affairs 
Estimating the Network of Preferential Trade Agreements

Ana Fostel 
Assistant Professor of Economics
Emerging Markets and International Globalization

Joel Kuipers 
Professor of Anthropology & International Affairs and Human Sciences 
Reasoning and Participation in Diverse Middle School Science Classrooms: Using Evidence to Close the Achievement Gaps

Frederic Lemieux 
Associate Professor and Director of Police Science 
Tackling Transnational Crime Effectively: Assessing Police Cooperation in Drug Trafficking Cases

Kristin Lord 
Assoc Dean for Strategy, Research, & External Relations (ESIA) 
Winning the War of Ideas: Lessons from the Academy

Holger Schmidt
Instructor in International Affairs and Political Science 
Perpetual Terror: Explaining the Terrorist Penchant for Attacking Liberal Regimes

Ronald Weitzer
Professor of Sociology 
Legal Prostitution in Comparative Perspective

Alyssa Zucker
Assistant Professor of Psychology and of Women's Studies 
Health Consequences of Sexist Environments

COHORT 06: 2006-2007

Meghana Ayyagari 
Assistant Professor of International Business
Institutions and Economic Development: Role of Law and Finance

Gregg Brazinski
Assistant Professor of History 
American Cold War Nation Building in Asia

Marco Cipriani
Assistant Professor of Economics 
Financial Crises, Herding Behavior, and the Regulation of Security Markets

Dylan Conger
Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration 
Immigrant Incorporation

M. Shahe Emran
Assistant Professor of Economics 
Microfinance and Missing Markets

Charis Kubrin
Assistant Professor of Sociology 
Explaining Suicide in the U.S.: Incorporating Firearm Availability in Macro-Level Research

Cynthia Lee
Professor of Law 
Reducing Racial Bias Through Jury Instructions

John Sides
Assistant Professor of Political Science 
The Problem of Statehood

Emmanuel Teitelbaum , 
Assistant Professor of Political Science 
Political Unions and Economic Development

COHORT 05: 2005-2006 

Pamela Davidson
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Children's Developmental Outcomes in Single Mother Households

James Goldgeier
Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Overcoming a New European Divide

Sharon Lambert
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Neighborhood Effects on Children and Families

Gina Lambright
Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs 
Policymaking in Africa: Do Parties Matter?

Jeffrey Levi
Assistant Research Professor of Health Policy
Racial, Ethnic, and Economic Disparities in Access to Flu Vaccine

Srinivas Prasad
Associate Professor of Management Science
Responding to Bioterrorism

Greg Squires
Professor of Sociology

Erik Voeten
Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Anti-Americanism and Its Foreign Policy Consequences

COHORT 04: 2004-2005

Jonathan Deason
Professor of Engineering Mgmt / Systems Engineer
Optimizazation Model to Improve National Energy Security and Environment Quality
Assessment of Environmental Sustainability Trends in Federal and State Parks: Implications for Policy Development

Tonya Dodge
Assistant Professor of Psychology
The Gateway Theory: Implications for Public Policy and Steroid Use in Adolecents

Marty Finnemore
Associate Professor of Political Science
Global Governance by NGOs: Policy Formation and Implementation

Kimberly Morgan
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Tax Policy as Social Policy: The Comparative Politics of Taxtion in Advanced Industrialized States

Wally Mullin
Associate Professor of Economics
Electricity Market Design and Performance

Bob Rycroft
Professor of International Science & Technology Policy and International Affairs 
Innovation Networks, Knowledge Spillovers, and the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Tehnological Change

Stephen Smith
Professor of Economics
Impact of the BRAC Targeting the Ultrapoor Program in Bangladesh: A Rigorous Study of an Innovative and Promising Poverty Program

Jennifer Spencer
Assistant Professor of International Business
High-Tech Innovation and National Competitiveness: Implications for Public Policy

Paul Wahlbeck
Associate Professor of Political Science
Institutional Development on the U.S. Supreme Court

COHORT 03: 2003-2004

Ernie Englander
Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy
Managerial Power, Corporate Accountability, and Public Policy

Frederick L. Joutz
Associate Professor of Economics
Combining Short-Run Energy and Macroeconometric Models for Forecasting Purposes

Robert A. Penney
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Social Movement Unionism and Community Activism: Community Reinvestment in Highly Unionized Settings

Jiawen Yang
Associate Professor of International Business
Small Enterprises and Globalization

COHORT 02: 2002-2003

Jennifer Griffin
Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy
Policy Implications following Mergers and Acquisitions

Graciela Kaminsky
Professor of Economics 
Procyclical Policies and Globalization

Charis E. Kubrin
Assistant Professor of Sociology
A Tale of Two Cities: Youth Crime, Detention Rates and the Detention Diversion Advocacy Project in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore

Yas Nakib
Associate Professor of Education Policy  
Understanding the Policies and Practices of Allocating School Staff

Donald Parsons
Professor of Economics 
Redesigning Public Unemployment Insurance: A Two Tier System

Christopher Snyder
Associate Professor of Economics 
Buyer Power in the Market for Prescription Drugs

Ronald Weitzer
Professor of Sociology 
Police Relations with Racial Minorities

COHORT 01: 2001-2002

Steven Balla
Associate Professor of Political Science
Bureaucratic Democracy: Public Participation in Agency Policymaking

Samantha Friedman
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Community Development Corporations and Their Impact in Washington, DC and Beyond

Forrest Maltzman
Associate Professor of Political Science
Legislative Ambiguity

Robert Stoker
Associate Professor of Political Science
The Welfare Generosity Project

Langche Zeng
Associate Professor of Political Science
Observational Studies of Causal Effects: Propensity Score Methods and Neural Network Models