Social Policy

GWIPP’s interdisciplinary team of GW researchers and research affiliates address many of the most vexing issues affecting human welfare today including education, access to health care, race and inequality, and poverty.

Completed Projects

Income-based Student Loan System

September 01, 2013

Funding: Lumina Foundation

Joint Contributions of SNAP and Unemployment Insurance to the Social Safety Net

August 01, 2012

Funding: USDA Economic Research Service

Linking MCH and WIC: Integrating Perinatal Depression Screening and Prevention for High Risk Women

February 01, 2010

Funding: Department of Health and Human Services/ Health Resources and Services Administration/Maternal and Child Health Bureau (R40MC17179)

The Benefit Offset National Demonstration

July 01, 2009

Funding: Social Security Administration

The Cumulative Effect of the PreK-3rd Education Experience on English Language Learners

November 01, 2008

Funding: Foundation for Child Development

Cybersegregation: Is Neil a More Desirable Tenant than Tyrone or Jorge?

September 01, 2008

Funding:  National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (Through the University at Albany, State University of New York)

The Determinants of Residential Employment: A Literature Review

June 01, 2008

Funding:  District of Columbia Office of Revenue Analysis