Advisory Council

The advisory council assists project staff in identifying relevant data, research and scholars; reviewing and commenting on the project's reports; and planning effective dissemination of the lessons learned. Its members are:

Dr. Kenyatta Lovett

Dr. Kenyatta Lovett (Managing Director, Higher Education, Educate Texas)


Dr. Isabel Cardenas-Navia

Dr. Isabel Cardenas-Navia (Sennior Director Research, Workcred)


Dr. Stuart Andreason


Dr. Stuart Andreason (Director, Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity)


Dr. Louis Soares

Dr. Louis Soares (Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, American Council on Education)


Dr. Shalin Jyotishi

Dr. Shalin Jyotishi (Senior Policy Analyst, Center on Education and Labor)


Profile Place Holder


Dr. Hanne Shapiro (Danish Technological Institute)