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Dr. Christopher Hooton

Senior Scholar (Non-Resident)
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Dr. Christopher Hooton is an economist and policy expert specializing in economic development, spatial analysis, and evaluation. He currently serves as the Chief Economist at Internet Association, a leading trade association for internet firms, and as a Senior Scholar at the George Washington University Institute of Public Policy.


Prior to joining Internet Association, Dr. Hooton served as a consultant to the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank as well as other leading organizations and was formerly a Lecturer at the Social Science Research Methods at the University of Cambridge.  He has also written two novels, entitled Observance and Peregrine East, and a travel memoir, entitled How to Backpack With Your Parents. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Hooton holds degrees from the University of Miami, the London School of Economics, and his doctorate from the University of Cambridge where he also served as the captain of the university’s boxing team. 


Research Interests

Dr. Hooton’s primary areas of research include economic development, urban and regional development, and public policy.  In particular, his work has largely focused on area-based development policies, technology and innovation, micro-geographic economic policies, and evaluation techniques.

In his role as Chief Economist at Internet Association, he leads independent economic analysis and research on a wide array of topics related to the internet including industry identification methodologies, the sector’s economic contributions, and policy analysis.  He also speaks regularly on policy and economic issues surrounding the internet sector as well as the digital economy and economic development more broadly.  Dr. Hooton’s work is frequently featured in leading media publications including Reuters, the New York Times, TechCrunch, the Financial Times, and others.  



February 01, 2012