In Memory of Stephen Crawford

May 12, 2022

In Memory of Dr. Stephen Crawford, 1942-2022


In Memory of Stephen Crawford, Ph.D.
1942 - 2022

The George Washington University community deeply mourn the passing of research professor Stephen Crawford on May 12, 2022. Steve founded the Program on Skills, Credentials & Workforce Policy (PSCWP) at the GW Institute of Public Policy (GWIPP) with the conviction that unheralded changes in 21st century workforce development require serious research and thought leadership. Steve was one of the founders of the historic body of work that led to the creation of the Credential Transparency Initiative (CTI), the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL), and the nonprofit, Credential Engine whose mission is to create credential transparency, reveal the credential marketplace, increase credential literacy, and empower everyone to make more informed decisions about credentials and their value.

Steve’s illustrious, and influential career spanned many policy domains, from international relations to postal reform to non-degree credentialing − and he brought this lifetime of experience to his work at GW. His CV speaks for itself − especially notable accomplishments include leading projects for the National Governors Association and Brookings Institution; managing the Albert Einstein Institution in Cambridge, MA, and Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland; and serving his nation in Vietnam, where he was the awarded the Bronze Star.

Most recently, Steve’s ideas and mentorship affected every aspect of the Non-Degree Credentials Research Network (NCRN) and the Better Employment and Training Strategies (BETS) workgroup. It has been an honor to work with Steve and benefit from his wisdom, kindness, and vision.

Plans for a memorial service at GW and further commemorations of Steve’s life and career are forthcoming.