Sharon Lambert


Dr. Lambert is a clinical and community psychologist with specializations in developmental and quantitative psychology. Her primary research interests are understanding the nature and course of internalizing problems in urban and African American adolescents, and understanding how the different contexts of development, particularly the neighborhood environment, contribute to child and adolescent adjustment. Dr. Lambert also has interests in the application of advanced statistical methods to understand the development of psychopathology, and the role of contexts in development. Specific methodological interests include the application of longitudinal modeling and spatial analytic techniques to understand how environment affects development. Dr. Lambert plans to use her research in each of these areas to inform the development and evaluation of preventive interventions for children and adolescents. Currently, Dr. Lambert participates in the George Washington Institute of Public Policy. As part of her work there, she is examining associations between neighborhood characteristics and adolescent psychopathology, and the implications of these associations for policy and practice.