Project Archive


Increasing Postsecondary Educational Attainment through Improved Education and Workforce Data

The project created technical assistance materials, research documents, communications, and a strategic plan for enabling labor market participants

Economic Policy as Health in All Policy: Combining Evidence and Arguments to Improve Population Health

Despite growing attention to the health effects of "non-health" policy and calls for policymakers to adopt a Health in All Policy (HiAP) approach

Global Entrepreneurship Week Public Policy Survey

This project involved the design and analysis a web-based survey of entrepreneurs worldwide and the preparation of a report on the results by country.

The Capacity for Invention in the United States: A Reconnaissance

This effort produced three papers on the capacity of the United States for invention. These papers were intended for use by the Lemelson Foundation

Joint Contributions of SNAP and Unemployment Insurance to the Social Safety Net

When viewed cross-sectionally, only a small proportion of those who receive unemployment insurance (UI) benefits also receive SNAP

National Grants System and Cities During the Great Recessions: Drawing Lessons from a Cross-National Analysis

The project examined the ways in which national grant systems have met the needs of city governments in the United States

For Richer or Poorer: The Politics of Redistribution in Bad Economic Times

: This project examines the policy consequences of economic downturns, such as the current fiscal crisis stemming from the Great Recession

Improving Federal Economic Statistics (Phase IV)

This project aimed to support improvements in the availability, quality, and accessibility of federal economic statistics used by policymakers and researchers.

How the Great Recession Affected Boomers' Wealth Mobility and Retirement Preparedness

This study investigates the effect of the Great Recession on the intergenerational wealth mobility and retirement preparedness of both early

Multiple Instrumental Case Studies of Inclusive STEM-focused High Schools: Opportunity Structures for Preparation and Inspiration

The aim of this project is to examine opportunity structures provided to students by Inclusive STEM-Focused High Schools (ISHS)