State and Local Infrastructure Financing

August 1, 2005

Funding: National Center for Real Estate Research, National Association of Realtors

Summary: The report consists of four parts: The first part presents data on aggregate state and local infrastructure spending – for the nation and for the 50 individual states. For this purposes we define infrastructure to include highways (including streets and bridges), mass transit, air transportation, water transportation, water supply and sewerage. We collect and report spending trends for each category of infrastructure, including total spending by category and capital spending by category, for the most recent year available (2002). The second part examines recent trends in federal intergovernmental assistance to state and local governments for infrastructure purposes. The third part is a literature review in order to develop a general understanding of the various financing mechanism used by state and local governments to finance infrastructure spending. The concluding part is an extensive literature review of the mechanisms available to state and local governments to undertake prioritization of infrastructure needs.



David Brunori

Michael Bell - Research Professor

Royce Hanson - Research Professor


State and Local Infrastructure Financing

November 01, 2005