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School Finance Referenda and Housing Values

January 01, 2007

Funding: National Center for Real Estate Research

Trajectories of Immigrant Performance Over Time

September 01, 2006

Funding: Spencer Foundation

The Ingredients for Successful and Vibrant Cities

September 01, 2005

Funding: CEOs for Cities

Job-Centered Welfare: Review and Planning for UK/US Exchange

April 01, 2004

Funding: Rockefeller Foundation

High Performance Bonus Data for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

February 01, 2004

Funding: Department of Health and Human Services

Back Home from Prison: Understanding Why Offenders Recidivate

January 01, 2004

Funding: Smith Richardson Foundation

Thin the Soup or Shorten the Line: Choices Facing Washington Area Nonprofits

November 01, 2003

Funding: Fannie Mae Foundation

The Economics of Open Access Journals

October 01, 2003

Funding: The Open Society Institute

The Open Method of Coordination

July 01, 2003

Funding: The Annie E. Casey Foundation/Rockefeller Foundation

The Development of a Curriculum for the Comparative Study of Local Politics

June 01, 2003

Funding: Fulbright Program, Council for International Exchange of Scholars

Office Policy

September 01, 2002

Funding: Social Security Administration

Housing and the Locational Attainment of Immigrants in Metropolitan America

August 01, 2002

Funding: The Fannie Mae Foundation